1000 post giveaway!

This is my 1000th post! And it wouldn’t be right not to have a giveaway would it? No, it wouldn’t.

I’m currently on my 11 day nearly-tour of Canada so let’s see what I can find for you…

Here’s the lovely Mad About Patchwork shop, of course I wasn’t going to buy anything… AHEM COUGH SPLUTTER

Apart from these things…

AMH Folk Song (not sure if I will keep it all yet), Franklin charm pack and a free FQ

Yardage! More dinos because I didn’t buy enough for my shirt before, $6 a yard Pretty Potent and some Nomad…

How about a Loominous prize?

You could win these 3 FQs…

Also included is this clutch, a joint project between myself and Sam – the pattern is for sale here but you can win the cover clutch all finished and ready for use!


For your chance to win these prizes, you can enter a few times.

Firstly, leave me a comment, a fun fact or about Canada might be an idea if you don’t know what to say, like “Canada has six time zones,” or,  “Alberta is entirely rat-free and has been for 50 years!”. Maybe you’d just prefer to tell me what is the greatest TV programme of all time?
Secondly, please let me know if you follow this blog on some kind of reader or by email.
Thirdly, if you follow me on one of the social networks, let me know that too. I’m on most of them.
Fourthly, you get another entry if you share this giveaway in some form, perhaps on Instagram or Twitter?

Thanks for sticking with me all this time! I’ll draw a winner when I get back to Blighty (where does that name come from? Another idea for a comment…). I land on 9th July so soon after that. I will also post internationally, even if it means repatriating this fabric!

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