Back doing what I love best

All my sewing commitments are done- unless you count #dogmini2015 which I’m not starting for a month yet- something that hasn’t happened in maybe over a year! I have made stuff for magazines and am now kind of backlogged (erm, four projects, three articles…) so I can kick back and play for a while. OH is at work this weekend so I have the house to myself and other than a bit of cleaning and computer work, no distractions, dogs permitting.


I decided I needed to declutter. I actually enjoy tidying my sewing room, I find it very comforting to sew in a tidy environment though I’m not a very tidy person usually, and the process itself as a means to reach nirvana is always worthwhile. Plus I get to look at pretty fabric while I tidy! However, I also need to start getting on top of exactly what I have in this room in anticipation for moving. It’s this reason I’m on sort-of a fabric diet (read that as there are three fabrics I really want right now but I will have to clear out some of my stash before I allow myself to buy any of them). So much so I’ve run out of black and white solids- unheard of. I’m working around it.


Anyway, a binbag later and it looks like this! The design wall is lint rollered, the fabric is pressed and put away, the bin is empty, it’s a harmonious place to sew now. I’ve cleared out the drawers too but you can’t obviously tell…


Not that it was really bad before…

Anyway I’ve looked at my bulging carrier bag of string scraps again and I don’t really want to be taking that with me either so frankly, it’s time I made some more log cabin blocks, even if they don’t become a top yet, just to get them out of the way. I’m going to aim to make two at a time, once a week in order to reach my target of 49.


So far I have nine- these are the three new ones. But I have also separated out the white/LV/cream contract strips as so much time was being wasted digging around for those when the actual selection is random and organic. The carrier bag has been changed to something a little more attractive and the white strips are located in the same box, just not in the bag.


I am now multi-projecting. I love doing this too. Along with the log cabins I now have Hadley Doughnuts going on, plus my new pattern is making progress.

I have a shirt to start soon too, the fabric is washed and ironed so it may be cutting time before too long!

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