I did a tiny bit of cutting from my Best Day Ever bundle last night for a new quilt. I love this part.

This will be the centre of a new quilt design I plan to sell the pattern for independently. I’ve designed two quilts that aim to be challenging and incorporate Y-seams, paper piecing or template piecing along with standard shapes and techniques to give your skills a bit of a workout. For now though, I need to workout my own skills to test the pattern and also create a finished piece for the pattern cover!

It could be a while. I plan to intersperse this project with working on one of my WIPs too so that they don’t languish too long. I’m thinking Hadley doughnuts is next! I’d go with the Left A Lone Star one but I don’t like to alternate piecing and quilting on my machine, I tend to quilt and only quilt until it is finished (clearly this quilt is the exception to the rule).

There’s only one day left to vote in the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. I would really appreciate a vote for Frankly, Hank (the big dog face quilt) in the Art quilt or the Viewer’s Choice category if you think he stands out as one of your top three quilts in the running!

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