Another Finish: Hank, Frankly


So I actually just finished this, the big reveal is just in time for The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I was hoping to finish this for the day it started which was Friday, but you know how it is with life, grumpy sewing machines and such….

There’s something about curling up on the sofa with a glue pen and scissors that becomes addictive, and I can’t stop until the project is finished. This was “pieced” in three to four days, that’s with going to bed at normal time, going to work and such. I used three glue pen refills in total.


If you are new via the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, you won’t be familiar with Hank, so here is my muse…

Originally the right eye looked a bit weird, but when I swapped out the eyelashes for a darker piece, it seemed more cohesive.

It (he?) was then basted and the quilting with monofilament was the first time it saw needle and thread.

As regular visitors will know, I was supposed to submit it for the Fine Art Quilt Masters category at Festival of Quilts as a half-joke, but as I had suspected, I just couldn’t find the time to get the quilting and edge finishing completed for the 1st May deadline which was in place as it’s a juried category. It was then going to be finished earlier in the month but a couple of other things came up (workshop planning, magazine stuff) and my machine had a temper tantrum during the quilting resulting in broken needles and awful tension despite it liking the monofilament I was using the previous time I sat down to work on it. Deep clean, rewound bobbin, new needle, rethread, bobbin tension adjustment… No harm has been done though, it’s now finally finished and I will still be entering it into the (non-juried) Pictorial category at Festival.

OH is asking me where it’s going to be kept…. good question.

Size – 40″ x 41″ at widest points
Number of blocks – n/a
Time to make– about nine hours, I think no, more like 12!
Fabric – Some stash, some scraps but mostly half yards of new very dark blenders I picked up at Fabric Guild
Backing Fabric – Ikea extra cheap duvet cover cut in half.
Binding Fabric – Bias tape binding pulled all the way into the back in black.
Threads – Superior Threads monofilament in clear on the white, light grey and cream bits and Sulky monofilament in smoke on everything else
Batting – 80/20 Soft and Elegant
Quilting- Very free, texture like stitches whilst making sure all of the edges are secure. Basically from experience, the sort of quilting that quilt show judges hate!


Linking up to Amy in the Art Quilt category:

And it’s also a finish along finish!

Right, now I’ve indulged myself with actually finishing a quilt, I am going to work hard at another after work project. I’ve been employed to create a 120 page book layout with tabs and stuff, so I’m trying to get it all done and signed off before my holiday at the end of next month. I think sewing time may be limited for a short while!

EDIT: This quilt is now also my entry to the Pets on Quilts contest! I’m entering the animal themed quilt category. Click here to go back there!

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