Quilt and Stitch Village show starts friday!

Are you going to the Quilt and Stitch Village Show at Uttoxeter racecourse this weekend?

I’m going on Sunday afternoon wearing my reporter hat (note: metaphorical hat) and I’m going to meet up with a couple of people there. If anyone else is around that day I’d love to meet up 🙂

If you’re going on a different day please keep your eye out for my three exhibits, I believe they got there safely… There are flaws on all three in some way or other (dog bite, bad seam matching and a bit of exposed wadding in the hem), so not really show quality– I’m not expecting to win anything as a result. I enjoyed making them and sharing them though.

In the wallhangings category

In the modern category

In the 3D creation category

Thanks! 🙂

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