Some slightly different quilting

I took the big quilt off the machine momentarily- I’ve decided I need to quilt a dress panel a day to stay focused and on target for making my dress by the end of the month so this is what I’ve got so far- the front bodice!

And the back makes it easier to see…

The plan is to spray baste and quilt first just through the two layers in a variety of patterns as the mood takes me, which replicates my approach to the piecing process too. Once quilted, I will then trace the pattern pieces onto freezer paper, iron them on and cut the pieces out ever-so accurately. Hopefully it will sew together nicely without being too bulky in the darts (I’m trying out balanced darts for the first time). I will reuse the pattern pieces for the lining too. The pattern I have is explained through video rather than written instructions. Quirky.

Oh and I’m possibly going to need to buy an invisible zip too, I really should check the length and what the pattern calls for. I’m waiting for a zip foot for my little Brother machine to sew it in with that I ordered a week or so back. *taps fingers*

I’m not really looking forward to the construction stage all that much, especially since I’m effectively making two dresses by making a lining, but for this dress it is essential to keep it three layers as specified in the rules. I’m considering adding some embellishments but I think a dress as wild as this probably won’t need anything extra. I may add a teensy bit of piping to the top of the pockets though.

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