Classes with me, and some narcissistic housekeeping

A few updates for those who are interested…

I will be running two classes at Hannah’s Room in Coalville in late spring, early summer time, the details are below. I’ve yet to devise the designs for these classes to work on as a group and also the requirements but it’s on my never ending stuff-to-do list. I’m thinking a landscape for the glue stick and a flower for the pixels? I will provide a guide on how to create your own pattern at each class too so you’re not limited by the one design. Please contact Roxana at Hannah’s Room if you would like to attend either of these.

Glue Stick Applique
Create your own picture using glue sticks, freezer paper and turned edges, just like the moose quilt (above), or the bear quilt. Class best suited to blender/solid/batik fabrics.
Saturday 9th May  10am – 1pm  £TBA(around £20-25?)

Pixel Imagery
Use a fusible technique for quick and accurate piecing to make up a picture made of 1″ squares. Class best suited to blender/solid/batik fabrics.
Saturday 6th June 10am-1pm £TBA(around £20-25?)

Other news- I have a tutorial on Sewing Directory for a bear Kindle Case
I have another one for a First Aid Pouch being published there in the next week or so.

I also found out from Leanne Paper Moon that I was shortlisted for Best Sewing as an Art (I think) on Madalynne’s blog. That is one popular blog, so thank you to the person that nominated me, this was the shortlist:

Blatantly nicked from Leanne

Blatantly nicked from Leanne

And the winner was seemingly missed out on the main post I think, unless I’m being a bit dim. Still a bit jealous that Leanne was nominated for Funniest Sewing Blog 😉

Currently beavering away on my computer on a very exciting and secret (for now) project, work is quite hectic, plus I’m away this weekend to the land of the big basting floor, so I’ll warn you now, the BOM may be a bit late, but then, what’s new there?

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