I’ve agreed to go to Hannah’s Room in Coalville this Saturday to talk through some possibilities for teaching there, which is a bit scary. I’ve taught a resin class before and I’ve even done one at a school, but never a sewing class formally.

Picture shamelessly nicked from www.hannahsroom.co.uk

I’m going to take a couple of my applique pictorial quilts and offer to teach that as a technique, but what else do you think I could teach? I’m not great at paper piecing or curves just yet, whilst I can do these things, it’s definitely not my speciality. Is there something obvious I’m missing? How about Patchwork Shortcuts- so how to make four flying geese at once, 4 and 8 HSTs, that kind of thing and then maybe a block or two to make up from the assembled parts? Such as this block from ages ago, but in nicer fabrics?

In personal news the other woman I work with handed her notice in at work yesterday. She’s doing that secret thing that I’m also planning on doing! Yeah I know, that’s MY thing! I was floored- she’s even using the same consultant.  They will have known all along that we work together. What are the chances of the one person I work with in a company of 20 with exactly the same plan? She goes in August, and I’ve revealed my plans to her because I really couldn’t hold it in. My boss took it well that she is going which is a great boost to my confidence but will he take it well a second time?! I have a couple of years yet for him to get over it, I guess.

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