New fabrics available on Spoonflower

This time last year (or maybe longer ago than that) I decided I wanted to design a fabric range and pitch it to some fabric companies. I printed samples on Spoonflower and asked a couple of friends for feedback on samples but the colours weren’t as vibrant as I had hoped and then I just lost interest and didn’t send it on as planned.


It’s daft having these files languishing on my computer doing nothing when I spent so long on them so I have tweaked the colours a bit and added them to my Spoonflower shop. Today I’m introducing Envelop, my first actual collection of fabric. It comes in three colourways with feature prints, tiny repeats and a handdrawn look that comes with all of my previous designs. There are 21 prints available (should have been 22 but I neglected to order the aqua check proof oops) to pick and choose from on the theme of ‘real’ post and inspired by security envelope prints.

DSCF8616Get them here.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make another collection when things get a bit quieter again?

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