My book list 2015

A new year, a new book list for me. I’m not sure if you will have noticed it much, but I’ve been updating a page on my blog for over a year now with the books I have read, along with links to buy them if you so wish. This is a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, comedy, satire, drama and modern classics, anything I’ve decided to read from start to finish during the year. Last year I read 24 books, the year before that it was 17, so maybe this year I will reach my goal of 26 books like I almost did last year! On Goodreads it counts as me finishing the last book of 2014 in 2015 as one off the target, possibly a bit cheating.


The page is now updated and I’m starting with The Rosie Effect, the follow up to The Rosie Project, which- as you will see scrolling down the 2015 book page- I read in early 2014. All my previous finished books from 2013 and 2014 are still there down the page. Please note the links are Amazon Affiliate links and any purchases you make from my list from clicking through will earn me a little bit in Amazon voucherness. Some of the images aren’t loading properly sometimes but apparently the code is correct…

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