Quick EU VAT update

Since my last post, HMRC have updated their information and now it seems you definitely can email files (rather than instant download) to circumvent the new law. With this in mind I am changing my plan at last minute pulling my (non free) Craftsy files and I will be loading onto Etsy tomorrow as a manual purchase to save me all the mucking about with paperwork that I honestly can’t be bothered to investigate, which means leaving Craftsy for all but the freebies for now until the EU sees sense.

Another update is that we now have a six month grace period in which to gather the two pieces of information that will prove the country of residence of the customer in order to prove the rate of VAT that is payable. This is good news because if people choose to stay with Craftsy, they won’t automatically be breaking the law come tomorrow (as they bearly provide one piece in most circumstances), HOWEVER it will be up to the seller not Etsy or the like to find out these pieces of information in the future so I imagine my strategy will change come 1st July 2015.

I’m off to remove my BOMs, for now at least. I’ll update with the next block on Monday.

Happy new year!

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