Better to give than to receive?

Not if you’re me, I got the best mini in the #IGminiswap, suckerrrrs!


I’m dead chuffed with this, it was genuinely my favourite in #flossysgroup, if not overall (though I do have a hypothetical ‘highly commended’ list). I went back and looked at my contribution to the WIP images posted and I was pretty rubbish at encouraging my lovely partner, @imasavonasac – Sami- that she was going the right way. I blame it on her being so quick off the mark, which clashed with the wedding times, sorry Sami!


Anyway, this is just awesome, I love a quirky pattern, I really love the fussy cuts and you know what? I’ve publicly declared I don’t really “get” the appeal of AMH before and that I only like a few of her prints (daisies from Pretty Potent, some of the True Colors range)…. now it may be because these are tone on tone blenders which are my go to fabric choice, but I love this! Colours, patterns, everything.


I even got some Liberty fat eighths and chocolate (most of which now eaten). I’m thinking of making the Liberty fabrics my Sew Mama Sew giveaway prize since I’m badly prepared this year and because they’re a bit too nice for me to feel like I’ve done them justice. So smooth!

So that’s my receiving. A little reminder of what I sent as @katealicea received her package this week complete with Schokobons, large fabric scraps, a couple of Love Quilting kits and a pug hoop that if I showed you earlier, it may have given the game away that my mini was on it’s way to Kate. The hoops are quick to do, I traced some key puggy features with an erasable marker onto fabric and then battered it into submission with my sewing machine. This is what I was working on when I decided that the tension possibly still isn’t 100% but she loves it and that’s all that matters.


Go follow Sami on IG, now. She’s pretty amazing at what she does.

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