The macaroni effect

I’ve started on the bear quilt and I’m very glad I have…

There’s something very enjoyable about the cut, stick, repeat way these quilts come together. There’s no sewing and I can be more sociable- I can do batches in front of the TV rather than out in my sewing room all night. It’s exactly like being at primary school with poster paints, glitter, pasta and pritt sticks on sugar paper, it feels like ultimate creative freedom of expression, with the fun of making a bit of a mess at the same time.

Also you can use colours and fabrics that you might think are a bit bleugh and by being just the right shade, it transforms into something you actually really like. It’s quite addictive to watch it grow and it makes me want to do nothing else.

I have some donations of dark green coming very soon, I have only the tiniest scraps of those and I need a half yard or so for the tree line. I will have to stop at some point, but for now, this is less than an evening and an hour before work’s progress.

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