Best decision


I have a horrible habit of leaving my iron on in the sewing room, and it can be on for a day or two before I realise I’ve unnecessarily inflated our electricity bill and increased our chance of a household fire.

Behold, my newest purchase!


This iron (besides being pretty colours) has an auto switch off after 8 minutes and if you’re as daft as me, you’re potentially going to leave it on the plate side down too long too, so that auto cuts out after 30 seconds. Excellent.

Most people I’ve mentioned wanting one of these to think that 8 minutes is not long enough for chain piecing and the like, but it only takes a few seconds to heat back up.

It glides through the ironing, it feels like it has a matte surface but it works a treat on creases and already I’m noticing the difference.


Last year I went through 3 cheapy irons in 3 months, so now I have learned to go for a slightly better one for longevity. My ex-iron is a Breville and was a bit more than the bog standard ones, but it’s served me well, even if some of the white plastic is a burnt brown. That will be used for household clothes soon as it looks like our standard one has an incontinence problem coming on…

Oh and yes I am getting a new non-burned board cover tonight actually.

BTW for those in the know, my application has been progressed to the next stage, and is now at the high commission. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a secret 😛

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