Bloggers Quilt Festival – A New Finish!

That’s right folks, I finished something specifically for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (the final binding stitches have just gone in!), and that something is my Diaspyros quilt!


Diaspyros is the genus of the Persimmon fruit and its flowers are kinda this shape which is fortuitous! This is now going on to Bridget (editor of Popular Patchwork) for a little while until it makes it into the magazine.


This quilt is being entered into the original design category– it was pieced from a Persimmon jelly roll with very few scraps left over and it’s my own pattern. The backing is the rest of a duvet cover I got from eBay with a strip of that Nummers everyone is banging on about, I’m still not sure I like this print but it does the job.


Size – 60″ square
Number of blocks – 9 x 16″.
Time to make– Probably 12-13 hours in total
Fabric – Persimmon Jelly Roll, Kona Glacier, Kona School Bus
Backing Fabric – Animal print bed sheet plus Ikea Nummers
Binding Fabric – More Kona Glacier
Threads – Coats Moon throughout
Batting – 80/20 Soft and Elegant
Quilting- 2″ diagonal straight line.


I do love Basic Grey fabrics, pretty much all of them. That’s why I’m now looking forward to getting my hands on Fresh Cut next year.

In other news, Hank is going to need one on one training after boisterously overwhelming a tiny dog in the park today and having to be restrained by a neighbour. This is after nutting me and possibly giving me a mild concussion as well as a huge lump on my eyebrow. He needs to play and be let off his led to burn off the energy but I can’t trust him to not make a prat of himself and me- oh and come back to me without me having a steak in my pocket or something. I know the problem will only get worse as he gets older and more frustrated. He’s 8 months old now. If only I had a huge garden for him to run in, or a field somewhere that’s not as busy as the park.

This links up with my quarter 4 finish along list (making it my second finish already, yeah!) as well as Amy’s Creative Side:

All votes for me are very welcome! Here’s the category I entered, but there are several others and loads of quilts to go an admire, so I highly recommend you spare an hour or so to browse 🙂

P.S. Another finish revealed tomorrow – yep two in a row! That may be the last one for a while though, I’m taking my machine in today to have some minor repair work done…

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