Scrappy Day (and a bonus mini giveaway)

There’s a new linky going on down Leanne and Nicky’s way, so I thought I would get in on the action.

I’m working on a long term project to use up my scraps. To be fair I use scraps in almost anything, whether pockets for sew together bags, or as part of appliqué designs, I call on the scrap drawer first before I go to “proper” stash. Sadly, I still seem to make even more scraps than I am using!


These blocks are entirely random, strings plucked out without looking and then checked for length before stitching down. I choose white-ish strings for half of it so I can create a (possibly chevron) pattern once I have enough blocks. It’s a very casual project- in that I haven’t done anything with it for a couple of months, but that’s OK as it’s for me and I don’t need it right away. This is my current progress, and I am aiming for 49 blocks- 7 x 7 12″ blocks- the biggest quilt I will have ever made at 84″ square.


This is my string/ strip collection which I keep separate from the rest of my scraps but all mixed together randomly. I add new ones all the time from various project off cuts, or if I have some scraps in the normal drawers that would benefit from cutting up in order to be more useful. I’m indiscriminate when it comes to their design or colour. This is my new scrap fad, previously it was 2 1/2″ squares for my Bowie quilt.

Maybe I should start taking bets on when this will be completed?! I’m going to go with mid 2016 😉


My green and blue drawers are especially overflowing with scraps, so maybe you’d like some of them too? I’ve put together a bag of 200g with these two colour groups mixed together. To enter, just tell me what colour scraps you end up with most of, or some other comment if you prefer. Followers get another entry, just leave another comment saying that you do. I’ll draw the winner on Sunday 19th at lunchtime GMT. Open internationally!


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