Finish Along – The Final Quarter

Wow, not long to go til the big C, which is a blessing really as I will be desperate for another break from work by then! Because it is the start of October, I now need to get my Finish Along list out there for the coming months, and since I didn’t finish anything at all last time, it’s going to feel a bit deja-vu-y but there’s some more recent stuff too…

Left Alone Star.

This one I did the tiniest bit of quilting in the ditch, literally just going around the star shape edge (I drew a plan for where I will be going with it next though!) but that’s all in the third quarter, after basting it and getting the top completed in the second quarter, so this is yet to be finished.

Hello Chevron.

No I haven’t done any more on this, stop looking at me like that.

Diospyros Quilt.

Basting with a little bit of hinderance from The Gwendolyn

A newcomer this quarter, it’s basted, another one that needs quilting. I need to get this shipped out promptly as it’s for a magazine and I don’t want the fabric line to be out of date by the time I’ve got my act together or indeed forgotten how I made it. Edit: done!

A present for a friend.


I think this will be the first finish, the pieces are cut out so I just need to interface and “sew it together” (hint hint) and I really want to gift this soon as she really helped me out. edit: DONE!

Instagram Mini Quilt Swap.


At least I know I have to finish this one! I sewed what I have done so far- two blocks out of 16- on my outbound flight to Calgary and then did nothing since, but it needs to go out to the recipient this quarter. I may take this to sewing guild meetings from now on rather than my machine since it is hand piecing. Oh I don’t think hand piecing is for me, I’m tempted to cheat and machine it from hereon in. Has anyone got any experiences- positive or negative- for combining hand with machine piecing in a small project? Do you think it will turn out OK or look weird? DONE!


I’ve omitted two candidates from the last list in an effort to be reasonably realistic, I find too many things mean I finish nothing, rather than give me more opportunities to score a finish. I also have another cushion (which I can’t reveal yet, or indeed until next year I don’t think), a sew along I’ve committed to doing (casually!) with Reene and Nicky and I really must make OH (or should that now be DH?!) a grizzly bear quilt as I keep promising, not forgetting my BOM and I want to start that new pixel quilt…. Anyway I shall be busy whatever I choose to work on!

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