Not much time left!

As some of you will know, I’m working on quite a large project on the computer than needs completing this week (no it’s nothing exciting or quilty in any way) so I can order my holiday spending money, so this is taking priority, BUT…

imageimage2There’s always a little time for sewing isn’t there? I’ve started making two sew together bags which will be made in a batch of two, one for my wedding make up (the Field Day one- totally got inspiration from Sonia on the fabric choice for this) and one for my in-flight hand sewing which shockingly will be for my Instagram Mini swap. Yes you heard right- I am HAND PIECING.

Don’t get used to it!

It’s a shame but the quilting tension on my panels isn’t great, my machine seems to be hiccuping again so I’m going to have to patiently experiment with the tension, etc. Again.

This time next week I will be frantically packing my suitcases and probably forgetting all of the make-up/jewellery/shoes/formal documentation/tickets/general holiday stuff, etc needed. OK now I’m nervous. Tomorrow evening is itinerary-writing-with-Port night, then I will know when I am going to make the trip to Edmonton, when I will have free time between hockey games (Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks) , going to Canmore for a photographer meeting, going to Banff town hall for our wedding license, the helicopter tour and visiting the restaurants I already know I want to go to… it’s not going to be relaxing but we won’t get bored!

I will not be having any FAL finishes this quarter for the first time in three years but I have an excellent reason.

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