Not your usual WIP plus Hug Hearts

I haven’t actually been sewing at all the last few days, which makes blogging a bit harder. The usual times have been filled with taking Hank to puppy day care, getting shin splints, boring appointments, going out for a carvery and that kind of thing, but I have kind of been working.

I’ll have more photos when I’m finally all done (hopefully this weekend) but the workroom is getting an overhaul and a helluva lot of stuff is being thrown away. In fact, anyone who wants some Sizzix dies for paper and maybe a couple suitable for appliqué, please give me a yell as I have a bunch I was going to put on eBay but I’m not sure I can be bothered. My scraps are moving location and being resorted with the stupidly small bits being chucked, I’m losing an entire piece of furniture and I’m hoping my clock will get put on the wall! WIP pics…

And the always expressionless Hank… thankfully he’s not such an annoying companion in the sewing room anymore. Solution? Give the dog a bone! He’s seven months old now.

Before I forget, I got a surprise in the post yesterday from the ladies on the Popular Patchwork forum (where I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, oops). How sweet of them! I got some “hug hearts” which are heart appliqué blocks usually sent to members who are having a stressful time, etc. I think someone who reads this blog (Margaret?!) may have tipped them off about my imminent wedding, totally unexpected thank you! Love the card too, thanks Katy, it’s gone on my wall 🙂 I really should make some for others, especially now I’ve received some!

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