WIP Wednesday

You know how I have a BOM design to do, an appliqué bear quilt, a pixel quilt and a magazine project (not to mention an untouched Finish Along list) I’m working on, or SHOULD be working on? I’ve also got a 100-180 page manual I’m working on on the side for holiday spending money (one month!!!). Yeah I’ve been making this quilt instead…


I love the autumnal-ness of Basic Grey’s Persimmon line. I’m now thinking I have made a quilt from a considerable number of their ranges, especially this year. Off the top of my head I have a Max and Whiskers footstool, a Curio quilt, a PB&J quilt, a 25th and Pine quilt (still under wraps for a little while longer but complete) and a Hello Luscious quilt in my long term WIPs before we even consider this one. This will be my 6th proper size Basic Grey creation.

image2(pictures courtesy of OH whilst I’m not at home….)

I’ve got three more blocks to finish up and then sew together the four patches when I’m happy with the diversity of prints. Then it will be sashed with coloured cornerstones and a border of squares also from the Persimmon range. This quilt will be square and it uses exactly a jelly roll, and I’m pretty pleased with myself that the idea worked out that way as precuts are hard to gauge until you just get stuck in! I’ll have to be good for now as I’m almost out of Kona Glacier and need another 1/2 yard (I think) to finish this. Funny how I never gauge the solids quite so well!

I’m hoping this will be a magazine project in the future too.

Right, well I have a new bike this evening, time to find out if I still hate cycling or of I can embrace it. My new bike isn’t red but that’s pretty much the only thing wrong with it (especially since I didn’t buy it!). Time to work off that massive Maltesers bar I ate all of today…

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