Do the kids still say that? Anyway big news…. I am representing the UK in Sewvivor, I got in to the final 16! Some of the competitors are relatively well known, including Amanda of Westwood Acres, plus some contestants are lesser known but have mad quilting skills so I’m feeling a teensy bit intimidated, but I can do this! Grrr!

Challenge 1 is nautical themed anything – so spoiler alert – knowing where my skills lie and forever wanting to make things that are a bit stupid, I’m making a Billy Bass-esque mini quilt. I’ve started it already, no time like the present! If you’re not sure what Billy Bass is- check this out.

That’s right, I pretty much exclusively use Instagram pics on my blog nowadays

I love this kind of project because I can still make progress in front of the TV. I have loads of ideas for the next few categories as well, and we are to post tutorials and stuff so I am calling out for the UK vote please to back me up on 11th August and help me get through the to next round of 10! Spread the word and I’ll love you forever. Also big thanks to Hannah and Sam who were both refreshing the Family Ever After blog last night to see if I’d got in and notifying me whilst I was laid in a coolย bath in agony last night…

That agony was unfitness related. Netball went well yesterday, people were nice and amazingly I matched the skill level (except I dropped the ball maybe a tad more due to losing visibility through blood pressure madness and I fell over twice in over-excitement, naturally) I am concious of every single muscle in my legs today though and I proved to be seriously unfit (I was purple in the face for hours afterwards) so I’m going to do the couch to 5k thing to increase my general fitness that loads of other sew-ers are doing with the hashtag sweatandsew. I’m thinking of starting tonight once I get somewhere with wifi- like home for instance- so I can download the app…. I have a feeling running may be too boring for my overactive mind though and may upgradeย to the chasing zombies app. Any suggestions for a playlist (other than Eye of the Tiger, obvs…. or maybe I should just play that on loop)?

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