TV sewing

I’m not at the retreat so there will be a bit of TV and  hand stitching going down this weekend- I need to finish sewing on the sleeve and label on the back of the Bowie quilt so I can post it for hanging. I still don’t like it, but there’s not a lot I can do now unless I undo some of the applique, reshape the chin at the right (which is what I believe to be the problem) and then stitch it back on by hand avoiding the backing fabric. Might work but it also might ruin it more… If there was a worst in show I think I could be a good contender this year, I normally love the quilts I enter into shows but I think this one was an experiment too far, even the quilting has me dubious. I’ll stick with appliqué animals in future. I am dreading the comments this time.

sleeve sewing

Is anyone going to the Festival of Quilts on Sunday 10th August? I thought I might pick my quilt up from the show, so Sunday is the day for me (money saved on posting the quilt back is money spent on a new cutting mat, hell yes). Let me know if you want to meet up, I’m thinking of going alone this year but it doesn’t have to be that way of course! I can also give lifts from the North West Leicestershire/Charnwood area – parking is expensive there!

Oh and the East Midlands Modern Quilt Group have made a group quilt this year, I think it’s with Moira at the minute being pieced together. There will be some slight changes in orientation from the picture below, but basically it’s going from East to West of the area we live in, starting from the top; mine is the slightly ugly motorway-in-the-dark strip (seriously I am having doubts about the work I did around April/May time, I blame puppy, he was ruining my life around that time, he’s much improved now and so is my work, hmmmm). Next week Trudi will be doing some of her amazing quilting on it and then it will be skipping on over to Mary who will be handing it in and collecting it.

Photo nicked from Moira’s Instagram feed…

I’ve also started on a new wall quilt now the Christmas top is done- I’ll update you next week 🙂

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