Well, that didn’t work.

My thread is still snapping but the tension of the stitches looks perfect….


I checked that the top thread unrolled the right way (Dianne– yes the thread comes off the spool at the front as you say it should, which I’d call clockwise now after all that- the Aurifil does still go the weird way round for this, which seems odd but there you go). I asked the thread if it would rather go vertically on the pin (it didn’t). I rethreaded both threads, and put a new needle in. I even changed the bobbin over for a different one as suggested by Leanne.


I also checked the stitch plate for burrs by putting a loose bit of the cotton through the plate and rubbing it around the edges. It seemed fine but I moved back to my standard plate anyway, JUST IN CASE.

I’m at a loss, I really don’t want to move the bobbin tension back as the stitches look great now, and I was having the snapping issue before I changed that. I’ve already switched over to Aurifil on the top as I was previously using Coats but having the same problems. I slackened off the top tension a notch or two as well and discovered some trapped thread in the tensioner which I cleared out. The problem seems to be occurring when I reverse stitch most often- does that mean anything to anyone?

Sorry for the moan, I guess I’ll have to wait for a few days and get on with something else, it’s so infuriating. I could probably do with removing the top and seeing if there’s anything else stuck in there that shouldn’t be but it’s like a fortress! I’d practically have to take the entire front off- no easy access top hatch for me. Reminds me a bit of certain manufacturers of cars that make it near impossible to change a headlamp by making everything so inaccessible you have to go to a dealer for the simplest of jobs.

And I might end up there next week if this continues, I don’t really have time for this though as the entries for Festival need to be in by mid July.


In the meantime, I have projects in the July editions of Sewing World and Popular Patchwork, the first was out last week, and PP is out tomorrow.



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