Puppies that like fabric – an almost tutorial

Hank is perpetually diving into my bag of scrap strips or pinching charm squares out of my scrap drawer, it drives me round the bend! I was talking to my friend Gina last night and she told me to make him a fabric bone.

Then I saw this on Pinterest this morning… spooky.


Anyway Hank seemed pretty pleased with it! If you have fabric fan dogs, they’re pretty quick to make. Here’s how Gina told me to do it.

I tore a strip of fabric off the bolt at the full width (Klona white, if you were curious), but any long strip about 4-8″ wide will work well. I knotted it several times at each end. Now I didn’t say it would be pretty 😉

Pictured with Hank's obligatory mud contribution/"hallmark". He's a dirty little digger that one.

Pictured with Hank’s obligatory mud contribution/”hallmark”. He’s a dirty little digger that one.

Then I shoved a couple of treats into the folds between the knots and tied another strap around it in a double knot to secure the treats inside and keep him occupied for a bit longer than most toys hold his attention for (approximately 2.8 seconds on average).

I daresay it will be a good tug toy too. And it’s a darn sight cheaper than the ones that are about £8 that he completely destroys within a fortnight.

It worked. I actually started quilting this morning. Madness!

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