Sad times

Well not totally sad, good news first.

I finished this top and got the tutorial commissioned!

Bad news: My camera lens is broken around the 50mm mark. Apparently it thinks this is in focus…

I know why it’s doing this- I dropped it earlier in the week. I’m sad because it’s quite an old camera, digitally-speaking (Fujifilm HS10), which will make it uneconomical to repair and is absolutely definitely out of warranty. It is absolutely perfect for me, and I can’t really afford to replace it for a little while yet. All my pictures are going to need to be taken from very close up or far away for the time being as it seems to focus OK if I stand at the other side of the room or put Macro focus on. Urgh. Once the wedding is paid for and my next payment to the immigration people has been made, I am considering maybe upgrading to the HS50 (or saving a few pennies and going for the HS30). Anyone got one and can tell me what they think? I want a bridge camera and it’s essential it has a barrel zoom for my impatience level (no twiddly switchy thing), but a lithium battery and image stabilisation would be nice too if anyone has other recommendations preferably £250 or below. I used to have an SLR but it’s just not practical for me anymore.

Talking of impatience, I’ve been trying to add a bit more colour to Bowie this morning to define the face paint (I’ll reveal how when I’ve finished it completely, it is ingenious), but Hank had other ideas pre 7am which involved jumping, biting, scratching, trying to steal sharp objects, a leather sofa and mud. I ended up quilting it to itself, getting absolutely covered in monofilament and bodging up winding a whole bobbin of Bottom Line so I was in a bad mood and might have gone a little bit Hulk this morning (more swearing than tearing my clothes off thankfully)! I was really looking forward to doing some actual quilting and getting closer to a finish this quarter but it looks like it will have to be at a puppy free time. Not this weekend then.

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