Imaginative title right there!

Anyway, I ordered these cards from Huggle Up– an app on my phone that prints polaroid-esque pictures from your Photos or Instagram, but you can do it online too…

Or they do plain squares…

These are the standard sizes but they do mini ones too. I’ve not been sponsored to write this post, I just thought they’d be cute as little notelets, a little different to Moo cards. They took about a week to arrive and are good quality card stock. The damage is £12.50 for 20 standard ones or £11.50 for 44 minis. That includes free postage within the UK.


PS Bowie is on it’s way to be basted by someone who can do it better than me after reducing the height and piecing the back.

PPS I took those photos above at 5am, does the light give me away? 😉

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