Have you noticed…

…that I haven’t finished a quilt since February. It’s now May- this is worrying. I have started two more smaller quilts though this weekend, plus a secret project for another secret project (I hate secret projects, don’t you? This is why I show you quilts that I then go on to pitch to magazines, I don’t think there’s any harm in it and otherwise I’d never show you a thing)!

However I have a flimsy finish… Meet Ziggy/Bowie. I think he looks a bit weird but can’t put my finger on where I went wrong, maybe the lightning bolt needs to extend further down? Maybe it’s because it’s mono detail? I’m feeling insecure about this one, and the right hand side of his face looked spot on when working on the design wall. Maybe I appliqued it funny? Maybe I should just shut up now? 😉


Just got the back to make up now, which unusually for me, is being pieced. I have a nice rainbow strip already so the hard work is done for this. I was going for the slightly irregular placement but I think I may have gone OTT with it and made it too big. Shall I take the top row of blocks off and shove it on the back instead? I need a floor big enough that I can scrutinise if it’s off centre (for example- I think that’s the angle of the picture though because it’s too massive to shoot face on) and adjust accordingly before I then send off to Emily for basting.

One of those smaller quilts I was talking about? Well I made the above block yesterday in some time I earned away from puppy duties. I put the fish in upside down though, so i had to unpick this morning! I am still in need of 8″ squares of Goldfish fabric. I have some Heather Ross ones but they’re in bags so I don’t think they work. It might be Spoonflower time for me! I plan to make this a mini quilt of 9 blocks 🙂 Yes, me, a MINI-quilt! Don’t worry, I’ll be back on sofa quilts soon.

By the way I tried to do some Instagram destashing yesterday but no biters, might have been because everyone was enjoying the bank holiday sunshine whilst I was a prisoner in my own home! Here’s what I have anyway, and I’ve reduced the prices by a further £1 in case I was too expensive, just leave me a comment if you want either of these. Price includes UK postage but will post internationally for a little extra.

10 Zen Chic – Barcelona Fat Eighths – £11

9 Erin Michael – Lush Uptown FQs – £19

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