Fabriholic fail- and photos from the quilt show

Well technically the fabriholic part won, and this month was a fail for the fast.

To start with I needed Kona block for the Bowie quilt to finish the applique. I decided this was an OK purchase because it was essential for finishing and solids are not that exciting bought on their own.

But then Sunday happened and I bought these! Still that’s reasonably restrained isn’t it? I was tempted to buy these at Pin it and Stitch and these at Simply Solids so I was a very good girl when you take that into account.


I went to the Quilt and Stitch Village show at Uttoxeter Racecourse, meeting up with Reene, Susan, Mary, Wendy, Trudi and Ange. In usual spirit, here are some pictures of my favourite exhibits! This year seemed a bit better quality than last year, but maybe fewer quilts on display too? Still, I like this show, it’s nice and local and I will more than likely be entering it next year too.

Mostly applique though it looks completely painted at a glance

Reene with her Never Forgotten quilt

Katy C’s solids quilt

Winner of Best In Show and deservedly so, it was incredible.

Neon stripes quilt- those skinny skinny stripes are pieced!


A very brave wholecloth- black thread on white

My moose at a weird angle

Susan’s hexies on the left, handily positioned next to Reene’s Brit Print quilt

Pin it and Stitch Tracey’s arrow quilt

A taupe quilt that everyone admitted to liking despite the colour choices!


An embroider/stitch piece I liked because of all the little tiny flakes of fabric in the base. Reminds me of confetti quilts.

Loved these fish- with a lighter mount it’s just the sort of thing I would have in the bathroom

My favourite, Mimi Love was exhibiting again like last year!

More Mimi Love (blurry)

Beautiful organised chaos

Hopefully a bit more sewing will happen this evening since none happened yesterday, but I have Fargo to catch up on so maybe I’ll just prep the next BOM block instead…

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