The puppy escape plan

I have two magazine commissions not even started, plus another 2-4 quilts I want to pitch (again not even started) because I need the money for my wedding. The puppy dented my savings for this as well as pretty much all the sewing time (as mentioned in the last post) since he cannot be trusted to play quietly and needs constant supervision…

  • for Gwen’s mental and physical health
  • for the state of all furniture and carpets
  • because he finds tiny objects I didn’t know existed
  • and of course, of course, for his own safety (stop him taking a run up onto the sofa, climbing the stairs with undeveloped bones, getting trapped under something he shouldn’t have crawled under, protecting him for when Gwen inevitably snaps, etc).

Yesterday I got a little bit done (read, I stuck a piece of applique on the design wall, which used 0.3 seconds of time) because he decided to chew the bias tape maker he found under the ironing desk. It’s metal and too big to swallow so I figured I could let that one fly this time. Makes a change from the machine pedal or the iron cord.

So to prevent this from becoming a puppy blog for the next year, puppy naptime sewing it is- as long as OH is at work or asleep otherwise I like to spend time with him and the 24 box sets. And yey, I get to start new things 🙂 Thankfully after about half an hour of playing, Hank can sleep for about an hour and a half, and I don’t like to sew longer than that really anyway.

My sewing room is connected to the rest of the house and useful destinations such as the bathroom, printer, computer, fridge, coffee maker, TV, etc via the conservatory as it was a built-in garage, now converted into a room. Therein lies the problem…


(yes I did have fun drawing this)

To get to any of these places that I may need to visit in the precious hour and a half, I have to sneak past the puppy asleep in his pen, which could wake him up and put an end to that time. New plan. I leave the house through the patio doors and back in through the front door (just got to remember my Yale key, new essential sewing kit), past the never-caring Gwen and to wherever I please. Why didn’t I think of this before?


P.S. There’s a sewing-themed fabric design competition on at The Sewing Directory in association with Woven Monkey and Sewing World magazine to win a Brother sewing machine, entries are open until 30th June so I’ve just entered. Obviously with higher skill than used in the above sketch. If you fancy a go too, here’s the info you need.


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