A liiiittle bit of progress

So in the last fortnight I have managed to do most of the turned edge applique prep for the postage stamp quilt, which is all just held together with glue right now (mostly whilst shouting, NO, GET DOWN, LEAVE IT)…


And I’ve even managed to be on the machine long enough to make this block which will eventually be a cushion!


I have a secret project or two to start, and I don’t want to go completely silent, but posting will be limited for a while I think. I will be back to show the finish for my Ziggy Stardust quilt, plus there is block two of the BOM (bluebell, in case you were wondering), a visit to Quilt and Stitch Village show and a tutorial for EQ7 just to prove I’m still around here somewhere 😉

There’s a new series of 24 starting soon and I need to catch up with three series before it starts, plus I’m working on a website for a friend so there’s a lot more sofa time than sewing time right now. Doesn’t help that everything I keep on the floor is having to be kept out of reach for now- my bin is on the ironing board for instance! Not conducive to getting stuff done…

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