Instahank and Gwenstagram

Oh my gosh puppies are so cute but they are trying!



And a picture of Gwen so she isn’t left out 🙂 By the way she could not care less about our new resident, which is great. When we’ve rehomed rescue dogs in the past with existing dogs, we have always been told that indifference is the absolute best scenario when they meet for the first time.

So a reminder – our blog to watch Hank grow is HERE (still needs prettying up and I’ve just fixed it so I get blog comment notifications as I wasn’t getting them- sorry for not replying, also taken off word verification).

And the pair are on Instagram, they pretty much dominate my feed, even more than sewing does.

P.S. There’s now a Flickr group for the English Country Garden BOM since you asked nicely 🙂

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