Puppy puppy puppy puppy

Quick dash post today to say the new puppy is called Hank- it was on a very long list, but when we found out his pedigree name is Run Forest Run (and apparently Gump wasn’t an option 😉 ) It re-surfaced and just made sense 🙂


If you want to see lots more Hank pictures, you should know that we have a blog, and we intend to post a photo a day so we can watch him grow in pictures. It’s a bit ropey right now but with a bit of graphic work and a few more posts it will be fine. Here’s the link you need:


If you want to see less Hank pictures (but I’m definitely not promising there will be none at all!) then please stay here.

The BOM posts will be up soon, I stupidly left my memory card with the pictures for the PDFs and blog posts at work (I hope, there’s a chance it’s fallen out of my bag somewhere and I’ve lost all of my photos but I’m trying not to think about that) so there may be a small delay of a day as I rush to finish! The fabric choice post will therefore be up on Monday with the pattern on Tuesday, so the schedule has been revised very slightly. Sorry about that!

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