Really Random Thursday Puppy Special

Thanks for bearing with me whilst I pimped my services yesterday- it actually resulted in a couple of jobs so thank you those people, you know who you are! Also thank you to Sarah as I got some more squares in the post! I wonder if there will be more today?

I now know which Pointer puppy is ours and I cannot wait to get him home, just over two weeks to go. Here he is!

photo 2

And the whole litter…photo 1

He will look like his mum when he’s older…

picture shamelessly nicked from

At the minute I’ve nicknamed him dipstick because of his tail. It’s black with a very definitely marked white tip. I want to call him Spencer, Alex I think is preferring Hector at the minute. Anyone remember Hector’s House? That’s why.

Another name in the hat is Bosworth but I think this is a bit too posh sounding, even if it shortens to the not-very-posh Boz.


On a not-so-random-Thursday topic, inspiration has struck for devising an applique BOM which can be done either by hand turning, by machine fusible applique or with my favourite method, turned edge machine applique. The blocks I have started drawing are not over complicated and will be 12″ square and there will be 12 of them, keeping with the usual BOM tradition. There will be different stylised flowers on a theme of English Country Garden (Summer is coming!). I see so many wonderful scrappy and contemporary applique quilts right now, a lot of them being made by Australian quilters (I’m thinking Sarah Fielke and Jen Kingwell style), and I feel we could get in on the action a little. Any tentative participants? 🙂 Full instructions will be provided here on the blog as well as suggestions for background piecing with block one (Daisy), I’ll make the templates and fabric selection guide available as a Craftsy free download for that month.

P.S. Is high volume a thing like low volume is? What are almost black/ grey/ navy fabrics collectively called?


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