Shameless self-promotion and very much off-topic

We’re getting a puppy in two weeks! With puppies come financial demands though that are a bit more than buying an older dog from a rescue centre, they need boosters and special puppy food and a indoor crate, a travel crate, toys to prevent them destroying your home, extra garden proofing, training classes, special enzyme sprays for toilet training, more treats for training purposes, varying sizes of collars, harnesses and leads…. yeah, what exactly are we letting ourselves in for?!

Anyway because of this I thought I’d shamelessly plug somewhere else I haunt online on occasion. I freelance do odd jobsย here on PeoplePerHour.

Do you need cut out images? I can do that. I can also ghost write blog postsย (and have written some on cruise ship safety of all things!). How about making a Word document from a PDF, or creating a logo design? Yep I can do that too! I can also design brochures, proof-read and edit all but the most technical documents, create pattern repeats and digitise print documents so you can edit them on a computer again.

I can help out in most marketing and media aspects to be honest, so if you have a custom query, please let me know. Chances are if I can’t help (like if you want a WordPress website or a wedding photographer, for instance), I know someone who can and I’ll gladly refer you!

If you have some skills you can offer on the side and you want to make a little bit of extra cash too, here is my referral link. By signing up with this I will receive ยฃ10 commission for your first project, so it’s all good, just don’t price me out of my own market, yeah? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me know if you do sign up and I’ll star some of your hourlies to help your ratings out.

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