A slight obsession

Those that have seen my IG feed this weekend will know that I’ve been consumed by my latest project. I’ve been calling it a scrap vomit, but officially it’s a postage stamp quilt. Once I have all 30 blocks made (but I might make an additional 5 half blocks) there will be a monotone appliqué going over the top!

So here’s how it looks at the minute- 20 blocks in…


Some parts will be completely covered by the black appliqué so rather than use up valuable scraps, I made up this transparent template and compared to the paper appliqué template hidden underneath. I stuck tape on the squares that would be completely covered and used a really ugly piece of fabric for those bits.


All fabric, nice and fugly are cohabiting in this quilt and that’s exactly what I wanted, though I want each square to be different fabric. I went through my scrap drawer and sorted through my basket of 2 1/2″ squares I’d been collecting for about a year for this project and still I managed to mess up, even on the same 12″ block! I’ve put tape on the squares to be substituted before all the blocks get sewn together. This particular block needs a bit of reworking but I think it only affects two or three.


My basket now looks like this- barely enough for one more block let alone 10 more. This is where 10 awesome people on Instagram have come to my aid and I’m expecting around 500 more squares in the post from four different countries which will be more than enough (I hope!). Thank you very much to Jo, Krista, Ange, Trudi, Pippa, Cindy, Hannah W, Hannah A and Rosanne 🙂 If you’re on Instagram, make sure you follow all of them if you don’t already!


I did succumb to the Fabric Guild and fell off the wagon in terms of my fabric fast so that I could buy the little scrap and charm packs in this picture. They are already cut up and in blocks, the spares have gone into my swaps with some of the lovely people above.


And that 3 yard cut of Bike Path? Well that’s already being put to use (£3 a yard, can you believe it?!)- I’m making a dress! I’m not having fun with pattern matching though as the skirt is two pieces front and back so I have three converging pieces at the waist. It’s a simple pattern but for a print as linear and simple, it’s not the best choice I could have made. A busier pattern would have hidden the join much better.


Tomorrow: What are tailor’s tacks and how do you make them?

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