I’ve been yucky and ill the last few days, but then it appears so has EVERYONE in the UK, I’m sure there’s a secret pandemic. So whilst my brain decided to go doolally, making my body ache and me sleep a stupid amount (coinciding with a mild allergic reaction to a hypoallergenic hair dye and now the onset of a cold) I’ve done very little but read in the awake moments.

Yesterday I found enough energy to decide to cross off the twenty hedgehogs WIP I’ve had for ages and instead of twenty, just sew the two blocks I had together to make a pouch for a swap. Realistically I was never going to finish it anyway. The lining is yellow with scissor print, I forgot to photograph that.

DSCF6617 DSCF6619

These are two colour variants of African Pygmy hedgehogs, rather than a serving suggestion 😉

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