Since I’ve been doing my current job (almost a year now), I’ve found it very easy to get a good amount of reading done. Previously I wouldn’t get a very long lunch, or I would work through so I could leave early. In this job I have a full hour and if I don’t use it, I lose it.

With that in mind I decided to see how many books I read last year, turns out it’s 17 (if only I can remember what that last one on the bedside table is), which I think is pretty good for saying I started in April and hardly read at home at all. This year we’re only seven weeks in and I’m already on book four! I thought I would share what I am reading with you, with the shortest review ever, on a new page. I’ve put links on there to Amazon in case you fancy reading any of them too. I like to read modern dramas, comedy, satire, crime and the odd thriller or modern classic, so if that sounds like you, hopefully you’ll find something there to try.


You’ll notice that none of the links go to Kindle books, sorry about that. I’m a paper fan, and I even wrote a mini dissertation at university when studying Publishing that e-books would never work because the interface and portability wasn’t the same. Things have come a long way since then and it turns out I was wrong, however I will say that books still win over the Kindle/Nook/whatever other reader (and not only because I’m stubborn) because:
1) You can read in the bath without losing c£100 if you drop it.
2) You can flick through books in Waterstones and book shops in general to decide if you’d like to read it, and see their recommendations.
3) You can lend and swap with friends, sell them at car boots, donate them to charity, whatever you want afterwards as they are a real entity.
4) You don’t need a padded case to stop it from getting damaged to the point where you can’t read it, nor do you need to send a book back under warranty if something goes wrong.
5) You can look intellectual when people come round to your house as you have a real life bookshelf.

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