Tracy sent me these in the swap Sonia is hosting and they arrived yesterday. She also kindly included some Honky Tonk FQs (Cosmo Cricket is one of my favourite designers- especially love those guitars) knowing I’m on a fabric diet, which will help me keep going on the straight and narrow. Tracy is the creator of the pattern that inspired the swap in the first place so I’m very chuffed to have been partnered with her.

The pants themselves look a bit wrinkly but that is just a feature of the elastic when not being worn- everyone’s are like that, except the ones I made weirdly, but it was a different pattern and a different kind of elastic used so I put it down to that, once they are on (Nope, not showing you that unless I Superman them again!) they fit just right without frilliness in a lovely bright print too.

Thanks very much Tracy!

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