Best laid plans

So you remember my last post where I said I wanted to make at least a block this weekend in addition to the pants? Well I decided to watch a hockey game on Sunday night after binging on the Olympics, but that was OK as it finished at 8.30 ish, giving me an hour and a half of sewing time before bed- the perfect amount before I get fed up. At 8.30pm the game went into overtime and then a penalty shoot-out. It was now 9pm. No problem, I thought, an hour is sufficient.

And then immediately as if sensing I was rolling myself off the sofa in the right direction, Alex rang me and told me he was on the way to A&E with a wrist injury after falling over at work and can I meet him there please and take him home? This particular hospital is about 30-40 minutes away and if you know the Leicester Royal Infirmary, you’ll know already it’s not the greatest of hospitals. I was very glad when he came out of triage and met up with me as I was expecting to be robbed in the waiting room if I sat alone in the corner for much longer. By 1am four nurses, a doctor, a radiologist and a possible scaphoid fracture in a splint later (but inconclusive as the X-Ray often looks fine for such a tiny bone) we were home, and tired and without having done the sewing I was planning. By the way he’s gone back to work but not driving, and will be having another X-Ray in a fortnight to see if they can see a break, if not it is officially a bad sprain.

So over the last 24 hours I got these finished, well, two of them anyway, one left to sew and one was already finished (inexplicably blurry, sorry).


None of these are the block I was hoping for (which would complete my side of the bargain in the Popular Patchwork Quilt Together thing, more on that another day) but I prepped these applique blocks in front of the TV. These are the corner blocks for the lone star-esque quilt I’m casually making. The Winter Olympics are just too distracting, I have no idea how I am ever going to make any progress over the next fortnight unless it involves sitting in the living room somehow.

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