Pants! Or What Would Superman Do?

I’m taking part in Sonia’s knicker swap, but the deadline is Friday for receiving them, so this weekend I really needed to get a move on.

I bought this pattern and set to work. I found attaching the gusset to the front a bit confusing, so I may have done that bit wrong. Also I followed the instructions for picot elastic used in the pattern rather than the fold-over I had bought, which meant unpicking an entire leg that I’d used the smallest zigzag stitch ever on. Not fun, but I did it whilst watching the Winter Olympics which I have done ALL. WEEKEND. I’ve prepped a lot of applique. The elastic wasn’t actually hard to sew though, and I just used a normal needle throughout.

So now this is what they look like, Superman style!

And yeah, I fit in these jeans again after losing 4lbs in 4 weeks on the 5:2 diet (not as much as I was hoping for because I still can’t fit in my other jeans but at least I’m actually losing now!).

Before the weekend is up, I want to sew at least a block, plus I have more thread so I can get on with the Moose quilt again, but the TV is just SUCH a distraction!

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