My fabric must-haves can be summed up into two (well, three if you count any grizzly bear prints) categories. First is 60s and 70s style patterns and second is painterly fabrics. You wouldn’t know this because I tend to hoard these sorts of things (P.S. anyone got any half moon modern ovals fabric they no longer want and want to swap?) but I do have the odd Laura Gunn fabric dress or Mixteca quilt WIP.

Anyway I accidentally opened the Hawthorne Threads e-newsletter this morning. I’ve been deleting these without opening to avoid temptation since taking the pledge and what do I see but both of these!

Free Mind by Hoodie (I’m thinking minus the mushrooms)


And this print from Sofia by Timeless Treasures (I didn’t care for the rest, they were a bit dull or had butterflies on them)


So please, leave me some for 1st July, yeah?

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