Allowed purchases- my new favourite pattern

Still on the fabric diet, don’t worry, however I’ve had to buy a couple of spools of Aurifil. I also came across the February issue of American Patchwork & Quilting and had to buy the digital copy (not a fan of the Zinio interface as I want to print it or at least save to PDF for reference but computer says no). This is because of the quilt on the front, how amazing would it be to make a multicoloured, scrappy one of these? And I don’t even “do” other people’s patterns anymore, though things are about to change I feel. Once I have a couple of finishes under my belt of course.

Two projects have gone off for publication this week and I have another two to go out to a different magazine at the start of next week so I am working hard on paying off this wedding. Oh and I am in the current (and honestly really lovely and contemporary) issue of Popular Patchwork (see bottom left of cover) and I’m in the next issue of Quilty too.

Anyone know of any current deals on buying a bolt of wadding anywhere?


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