Finish Along Goal Setting – Quarter 1

It’s that time again, and it’s the only “along” I’m doing this year so I will make it count! This year’s Finish Along is hosted by Katy, so if you fancy confessing your WIPs and hopefully finishing them by the end of March (for this quarter anyway) for a chance to win prizes, hop on over there before 17th January.

Here’s my list.

This is the most likely finish and the current state of my giant churn dash. It’s made with my beloved Mixteca and also some LV Moda candy I had and the charms I got in Rachael‘s LV swap. I seriously need a wider design wall! I’m quite enjoying this one, even the dreaded HSTs aren’t that bad at all. I tend to do a block at a time in the morning and I’ll have a bit of time this evening on it too.


Then there’s my moose quilt for the OH’s man cave conservatory (a bit too light to be a proper man cave but oh well!). Sorry for the messy and blurry pic, I did it in a rush this morning in the dark. I have prepped most of the appliqué. The reason I haven’t finished it is because I’m demoing how to do it tomorrow and need to be able to show something, but it needed to be quite close to being done so I can also demonstrate the sewing bit. It’s not a deadline specific finish, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a procrastination project. I’m going to add raw edge appliqué maple leaves to the background too, I might be purchasing a Sizzix die perfect for the job, just out of laziness. I can’t imagine turning all of the edges!

You know how much I love hand sewing right? Yeah not much. But I was compelled to start this cushion and I hope to finish it by the end of the month. More LV mini charms and also some of the prints from the rainbow charm swap last May? June?

I’m rolling over a couple of projects from last time. These I made absolutely no progress on whatsoever so the photos may feel a little familiar…

There’s that Hello Chevron top again…

And the assembly of my Row by Row swap rows…

Also on the go is a casual scrap buster. I’m making scrappy log cabins with the hope of making a giant bed quilt/ bedspread for me. I don’t know if OH will like it but it’s about time I made something bigger than a single bed size. Also I plan to ask Trudi to quilt this for me, but as finances are focused on the wedding, plans may have to change in that department, or I may find this one continues with me right up to the fourth quarter when I will already be a wife!

Quite a lot there, but at least that means I don’t need to buy fabric, right?

Finish Along 2014

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