In progress

I’ve almost finished assembling my moose appliqué for the moose quilt and can’t go any further as I need it to demo turned edge machine appliqué at the next EMMQG meeting on Saturday. I have a funny feeling that there won’t be many people following along doing their own designs, and a lot of people observing from what I’ve been told. I’m hoping at least one person makes along with me, but it is a bit different to standard piecing and I think most people favour that as a quilting method. I myself like both appliqué (only using this method though!) and piecing.

Since I can’t really show you that as the design is almost entirely covered with freezer paper, I have something else to show you. Once I got to the stopping point on the moose, I moved on and did some more work on my giant churn dash. This is what it looks like this far…


Putting off the diagonals a little bit.

In other news, my new Husqvarna Sapphire has gone back to the shop after it started to melt itself when I put a new bulb in (because the one that it came with blew as soon as I plugged it in), to the point where I couldn’t get a new bulb in as the socket had melted over rather scarily. I’m back on the Pfaff which means it won’t be for sale for a little while yet until the threat has been neutralised 😉 Turns out being lazy pays off, otherwise I’d have no machine to work on.

If  you’re interested, I have a couple of Pfaff feet listed on eBay and I will have a treadle machine joining my listings (hopefully tonight!) to try and raise a bit of wedding cash, plus expect a blog-only fabric destash this week too as an extension on the Instagram one on Saturday. Everything must go! 😉

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