Taking the pledge

Well I’ve decided I should probably take this pledge…

So no fabric buying for the first half of the year (except backings). Which is fine as I have lots of ideas I’ve yet to start that I already bought fabric for. We’re actually planning our wedding now so I need to save cash wherever I can and this seems a very good place to start. We’re probably going to Alberta, just the two of us around the middle of the year (unless hockey season gets the better of us, we have a choice of going to meet a grizzly bear or going to a Calgary Flames game if we leave it to October but I shan’t bore you with the dilemma). I have already bought shoes in the sale, I just need to lose a few pounds and I’ll be buying a dress too.

As I’ve probably prattled on about in the past, I have a stupid amount of scraps too. So I made this roomy tote bag…

DSCF6442 DSCF6443

Pants pictures, but you get my drift- and I used up a good amount of teal scraps in the process. And the Moose quilt is now in progress!

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