Anyone interested in a quick scrap swap?

Would anyone be interested in an informal UK scrap swap, say 200 grams of designer cotton scraps from 2 1/2″ square upwards in size (unless your partner is after string scraps, etc)?

I’m thinking of a post out date in about 2 weeks’ time, and sign ups by the end of the weekend so prior to Christmas. If you think this sounds good to you, it should be pretty quick and fun and shouldn’t take much time to sort out since you’re all probably getting into Christmas mode right now. Even if there’s only 3 people that want to play along (or one and that person swaps with me!) it’ll still be worth doing.

I’m thinking of doing a really scrappy log cabin quilt next year with my scraps.

(an example of some of my scraps made into something)


Please leave a comment if you fancy it 🙂

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