Not guilty! (Kerrie Allman mix up)

Quick post to try and correct anything out there in Internet land which may reference me and my e-mail address as being the publisher of failed, lousy craft magazine, Modern Quilting, before my honest reputation is damaged…

I am not she, you’re actually looking for Kerrie Allman, previously of All Craft Media. Here’s why you might be getting mistaken…

1) I indeed used to be a craft magazine editor – but my publication was Popular Crafts magazine which was published by MyHobbyStore but is now known as MyTimeMedia and I left a couple of years ago. Said magazine has been rebranded as Handmade With Love since. I also write for it’s sister publication Popular Patchwork, but as a contributor only and not regularly.

2) I like quilting too.

3) I tried to set up a rival magazine last year called Fabricate, but I failed to raise the funding the project needed through Indiegogo. I never received the money because of this and Indiegogo refunded everyone back as their system does on a regular basis for other campaigns.

4) I have posted previously praising Modern Quilting magazine and was even aiming to be a contributor (and several of my friends were, and weren’t paid)- however I never got the last issue and I received a really shocking quality issue 5. This was pointed out in this blogpost.

5) I am also called Kerry and live in the UK. But I spell my name correctly and I’m a northerner!

6) I have been involved in internet discussions about said magazine and poor staffing, mostly on Ravelry which is where most of the craft spies inhabit 😉

So, Internet land, I’m sorry (well actually, I’m not) but I’m not the conman you’re looking for, here’s a fab reference for more background info and to try and set you on the way to get your refunds, etc though I suspect it’s too late and has properly liquidated by now…

Here’s another fantastic link from someone doing great investigative work:

And because I can’t blog without a picture, my Punctuation quilt has nearly finished being quilted!

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