Pictorial quilt mini-class- any interest?

For the 11th January meeting of the East Midlands MQG (soon to change its name so as not to be affiliated with the MQG in the States) in Grantham, I’m thinking about unofficially showing a group of people how I do turned edge pictorial appliqué quilts such as these below (but it can be a picture of anything you like), y’know, if anyone is interested…

I have another one planned to fill a gap in the wall in our conservatory, so would likely be starting it around this time anyway. I’ll need to know well in advance if anyone is interested in making one too though as you will need to do a bit of homework to get your picture ready to work with in advance 😉

Supplies list consists of fabric scraps in the right colours and/or textures and F8s/FQs for any large areas that the scraps can’t cover easily, a photograph you wish to replicate, scissors (paper and fabric), glue stick, freezer paper, iron and a marker pen should be good enough for starters, so nothing you probably don’t already have and I can bring extra stuff. If you’re super quick, or your project is small, you’ll also need a sewing machine (you can do it by hand if you really want to) that has a zigzag and/or a blind hem foot and some threads that are reasonably close to the fabrics you’re using. Drop me a comment or email if you’re interested and I’ll get you started on your homework! Or you can just watch me do it if you don’t want to start another WIP of course.

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