Where am I?

I’m not blogging so much right now because I’m not sewing so much right now. My Parquetry quilt top is about 3 seams from being finished though so I hope to have a blog post up before I go to Toronto- I’m going on Thursday (really early)!

I’m not sewing so much because I’m trying to do copywriting and ebook layout jobs to earn a few more pennies as we’re going to be doing some jobs around the house (read new mattress, new front door, new internal door, sorting out the fireplace, painting the exterior windows, tiling the kitchen…) and in less than a fortnight I will be bringing Daisy home, so I need to pay the charity for her too. I don’t really feel much like sewing as when I do I am alone with my thoughts, and at the minute I’m having problems with anxiety that just won’t go away. I won’t go into details here, careless talk costs lives and all that, but lets just say I’ve accidentally done something wrong in the past, and all the signs are there to say I’ve landed myself in trouble a second time without realising it until it’s too late, so I’m expecting repercussions. I think sewing is just going to make me dwell even more. I’m away this weekend so I’m hoping to switch off then, I’ve done everything I can over the last few days to cover my ass. I can promise that I will be relaxed when I go on my holiday though.