Liberty Mandala Applique Quilt

I’ve not decided whether this is a Liberty flower or a Liberty mandala, but either way it was made from my stack of Liberty Stile I won at the Fat Quarterly Retreat…

The design was made on Illustrator and then I printed the templates from there and glue stick appliquéd them, with machine blind hem stitch around the outside to keep them down. The back was a vintage sheet I picked up for about £5 in The Shop off Brick Lane that I’ve blogged about before.

The quilting looks nice but was hard not to get folds in the back as I didn’t have a quilting bar until very recently so had to use an adjustable foot which meant the further out I went, the more that was bunched under the arm of my machine. I stopped halfway through to spray baste as well as pin. I think polyester wadding makes this harder too as it’s more puffy and less grippy than cotton in my experience. I also added a button in the middle as I felt it was missing something.

Size – 65″ square
Number of blocks – n/a – it’s a whole cloth.
Time to piece – 12 hours approx
Time to quilt – 3 hours approx (home machine)
Fabric – Plain white cotton plus Liberty Stile F8 bundle.
Backing Fabric – Vintage sheet with a bit of linen donated to me to make it up to size
Binding Fabric – Liberty Stile- scraps and more F8s cut into strips
Threads – Aurifil 50wt really white, not sure of the number, all the way through.
Batting – Cheap 4oz polyester.
Quilting- Spiral

Onto my Lovely Year of Finishes target for September, I have started yet another new project. OH’s sister went into labour last week 6 weeks early so my plans for a baby quilt have been rushed. We’re still waiting for him… If he can give me a week or so that would be useful (but not so nice for mum)!

DSCF6021 DSCF6022

I’m following the Stars and Stripes pattern in Brioni’s fab new book, but half of the blocks to make it half the size and the fabric is half an early jelly roll of Bluebird Park by Kate & Birdie with some 2wentyThr3e charm squares. Everything else is on hold right now til it’s done!

Here he is “helping” with my Liberty Mandala…

In other news, Fletcher is being kept in the vets because he has blood in his wee. It’s been dark for weeks and we’ve only really just thought that it’s not a normal thing and he should get it checked out. We should find out later this afternoon what the outcome of the tests are but I’m hoping for kidney stones or a treatable infection, but it could be something much worse that doesn’t bear thinking about right now. He’s only 10 and there’s nothing visibly wrong with him otherwise. Either way, that’s my holiday money savings gone I’m sure, vets charge the earth! It’s going to be a long day…

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